Our Achievements
Total Achievements : 26

Event : Young Catholic Students / Young Students Movement (YCS/YSM) - 2nd National Convention
Event Venue : Don Bosco School, Park Circus, Kolkata
Event Date : 21st May, 2017
Description :

Our students participated in the YCS/YSM India -  2nd National Convention held from 21st May 2017 to 26th May 2017 at Don Bosco School, Park Circus, Kolkata. This event helped the students to learn more about the movement and become familiar with the various cultures of our Nation.

During  the  event,  our students spoke with conviction on issues based on the theme: “Called to believe; begin; become” and the thrusts, ‘back to the roots’, ‘media and me’ and ‘human dignity’.Hon. Minister for Youth & Sports  inaugurated the event along with  Most Rev. Thomas Dsouza, Archbishop of Calcutta who celebrated the inaugural mass.National Convention is a great opportunity for the students to learn the good values  and apply all that we learn to become a better human being.

There was a visit to St Mother Teresa's House during the convention.The active participation of our students was highly praised.The Inter State Exhibition of UP region was a true delight for the onlookers.

The participants were- Prashant Pateriya, VishalGandhi, Rinuj Williams, Joash Barrow, Yeeshu Yadav, Shashank Yadav, Vansh Sahu, Vibhu Tiwari, Vedant Puri, Devansh Goyal, Drishtant Chhibber, Chirag Rawat, Ayan Ul-Haq, Subesh Khan, and Sujoy Tarafdar. 

Hearty thanks to our beloved Principal  Rev.Fr.Richard A, for his blessings and encouragement.

Event : An Inter School Art Contest
Event Venue : Jhansi Cantonment Board
Event Date : 3rd Feb, 2017
Description :

On the occasion of the National Festival Republic Day, The Jhansi Cantonment Board organized an Inter School Art Contest in which many students participated. Master Vaibhav Chandra of Class VIII-B won and received a trophy with a letter of appreciation.

Event : Hindi Debate Competition
Event Venue : Lok Manya Tilak Inter College, Jhansi
Event Date : 10th Dec, 2016
Description :

Hindi Debate Competition was held on 10-Dec-2016 at Lok Manya Tilak Inter College, Jhansi. In which 15 Schools participated. Pavitra Lalwani and Aryash Jain of class 9th won the 1st prize. A big thanks to God for another achievement.

Event Venue : CKC JHANSI
Event Date : 8th Dec, 2016
Description :

The Best Speaker award was given to the two fire brand speakers who have proved their mettle by showcasing their phenomenal speaking skills and extra ordinary oration in English. The Principal Rev Fr Richard A. awarded the cash prize to Saksham Shukla of 12 A and Hardik Bhartia of class 10 B. The Principal also thanked the parents who offer this cash prize every year in the loving memory of their son.

Event Venue : Christ the King College, Jhansi
Event Date : 8th Dec, 2016
Description :

The Prime Minister’s initiative of Clean India Campaign has become very active across the Nation.It is in this sequence that the Jhansi Cantonment Board has organized the PAINTING CONTEST exclusively for the students of  class 8th and 9th.The higher officials from the Cantt. Board Jhansi came to our college and judged the artistic talents of our students. Almost 50 students participated in this event and they drew marvelous paintings on the given topic. The winners are  Mohit Saxena(9-A), Sabat Khaldy(9-A) and Vaibhav Chandra(9-D). Sir Shailendra and Sir Samson conducted this creative event.

Event : Music Competition
Event Venue : L.V.M. Hall, Jhansi
Event Date : 19th Nov, 2016
Description :

Another victory was won when the student of class 6-B Master Priyam Jain participated in the Music Competition and stood 3rd in the Instrumental category (Tabla).

Event Venue : New Delhi
Event Date : 14th Oct, 2016
Description :

The students of our college participated in the YCS/YSM NATIONAL STUDENTS LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAMME held in New Delhi from 9th of October to 14th of October 2016.

This was a national level programme which included Fifty students from the various regions of North India. The event took place at Sahodaya Senior Secondary School ,Hauz Khas where the students enjoyed and learnt many interesting and life changing things. They acquired the skills of good leadership. They came to know more about the methodology SEE, JUDGE AND ACT .It was a good learning experience and a very innovative cultural excursion.

Our students performed very well and their sincere efforts were highly praised by one and all. The students were CHIRAG RAWAT,JOASH RIZON BARROW,YEESHU YADAV,RINUJ GLENN WILLIAMS,VISHAL GANDHI and PRASHANT PATERIYA. The animators were Sir Samson and Sir Oscar. Hearty thanks to the Regional Director UP & UK   Rev. Fr. Richard A. (The Principal) for all his support, guidance, and encouragement. A big thanks to our dearest Lordship Most Rev Peter Parapullil for his blessings and prayers.

Event : Bharat Ko Jaano Quiz
Event Venue : Alpine Public School, Jhansi
Event Date : 2nd Oct, 2016
Description :

Quiz Competition was held on 02-Oct-2016 in Alpine Public School, Jhansi. Our school stood First and won Gold Medal at the District Level. The students are Bakul Shrivastava of VII-A and Jai Dalmotra of VIII-B. After this round, they went to  participate in the State level Quiz Competition, was held on 16-Oct-2016 at Jhansi Museum.Various schools across the state took part ,and our students came Third and won Bronze Medal at the State Level Quiz Competition. 

Event : National Olympics Games
Event Venue : Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Event Date : 30th Sep, 2016
Description :

Another goldy feather added in the golden cap of Christ the King Collage. Master Moses S. Longson won the Gold Medal for Football in State Olympic Games held in Agra. He also participated in the National Olympics Games held at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. We pray for his bright future.

Event Date : 25th Sep, 2016
Description :

A very bright student (Harsh Vardhan Bhatnagar) of class- 11(A) Science section expressed his heartfelt views regarding “The terrorist attack on URI”. Moved with pity, the child had an ardent desire to fight for The Nation by devoting atleast three hours to study that he may serve The Nation well and set up an example for all the students. He expressed his sentiments on the radio show “MANN KI BAAT” and the Hon'ble Prime Minister appreciated the patriotic feelings of this dear child.

VIDEO LINK- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijoR5HRRbaU&t=49s

Event : Javelin Throw
Event Venue : Greater Noida
Event Date : 21st Sep, 2016
Description :

District Athletic meet was held in Greater Noida in which Sagar Sahu student of class 12th from U.P. and U.K. region took part in Javelin throw (Senior) and backed the first position by throwing the javelin to a distance of 45 meters. He will now represent the region at Nation level to be held in Hyderabad. We wish him all the best.  

Event : Art and Essay Writing Competition
Event Venue : CKC Campus,Jhansi
Event Date : 21st Aug, 2016
Description :

Once again the students of Christ the King College excelled in showcasing their talent in the field of Art and Essay Writing Competition which was held at CKC Campus in the month of August, 2016, organized by “School India”

The Winners are as follow:-

Pushkar Agarwal  (Class-8th D, Field-Art ,Gold Medal)

Sagar Awasthi  (Class-6th A, Field-Art, Silver Medal)

Ketan Sahu (Class-7th A, Field-Art, Silver Medal)

Sahnik Roy (Class-8th C, Field-Art, Silver Medal)

Aryan Puri (Class-9th C, Field-Art, Bronze Medal)

Harsh Gupta (Class-7th B, Field-Essay, Bronze Medal)

Dhruv Nigam (Class-7th B, Field-Essay, Bronze Medal)

Total Achievements : 26