College Uniform
White shirt with
short sleeves
and Navy- blue trousers,
navy- blue socks,
College belt.
( Navy-blue turbans
for sikh boys)

White shirt and
navy-blue trousers,
navy-blue blazer and
navy-blue jersey
( the pullover or sweater
under the blazer
must be navy- blue and V-necked);
College belt.
(navy- blue turbans for Sikh boys.)

Wednesday & Saturday :-
White pants & colored T- Shirt as per the Houses from III Std. to XII Std. and classes LKG to II Std. white pants, white shoes, white socks and colored T-shirt.

On the college days and for functions and when travelling to and from the college students are to wear the college uniform. Students without uniform are not allowed to enter the classroom.

All pupils should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. A pupil who is slovenly dressed and not in uniform is liable to be fined or to be sent home.

Summer School Uniform

School Uniform on (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

(School Uniform)

School Uniform on (Wednesday and Saturday)


(School Uniform)

FOR CLASSES 3rd - 12th


(Green House)

(Red House)

(Yellow House)
Winter School Uniform