Message by Bishop Of Jhansi

The Magazine "CROWN"

I am very happy to know that the magazine "CROWN" is getting more and more popular in Jhansi. This is a way by which we want to be in touch with the parents for the better relationship. This is a good venture to relate with the parents of the students and keep them informed about the goal and purpose of the Education and which includes extra-curricular activities for the students. Most Important thing in life is to teach the students to make decisions in life and to be self reliant so as to enable them to live their own life and to contribute their lion share to the society. Thus the goal of education is to discover the deeper meaning of life of transcendence, to learn to interact with others, love creation, to think freely and critically, find fulfillment in work, plan their future or in one word to learn "to be". It is in and through education that one can hope for more human and humane future and a more harmonious society.

Thus focus of education is to form the young to evolve as men and women of character, conscience, competence, compassion and commitment.

1. The Person of Character : This transformative process concentrates on inculcating in the students co-operation, tolerance, nobility, humanism, efficiency, integrity and self discipline. Thus the process of education helps them to develop their personality to bring in the needed change in themselves, in the society and in its structures.

2. The Person of Conscience : The formation of Conscience to distinguish and discern between good and bad, right and wrong is necessary for a welfare of the individual and society. This formation of conscience is influenced by the totality of the person's surrounding.

3. The Person of Competence : The person of competence is capable of creating understanding and using the knowledge and skills to live in his/her own context and transforms it. The person is enabled to be a part of the changing and diverse world creating a life project for other and with others and able to develop the intellectual, academic , emotional and social skills required for professional and human achievement.

4. The Person of Compassion : Compassion does not imply simply feeling sorry for someone or a group of people. Anyone can feel sympathetic, but do nothing. Compassion is a prerequisite to positive action; it recognizes human dignity, a person's worth that stems simply and profoundly from being loved by God. Compassion, leading to solidarity that compels the students to become agents of change, in order to go on fulfilling God's dream for the world.

5. The Person of Commitment : A person of commitment is one of courageous action. Through one's openness to the guidance of the Spirit and companionship with Jesus, he or she will be able to discern the urgent needs of the time, so that his/her ways of serving the society will be rich and deep commitment to create a new society based on Justice, Peace, love and harmony.

So our responsibility lies in making special efforts to enable students:-

  • To think for themselves independently and critically
  • To seek, extend and apply knowledge to the solution of human problems.
  • To continually strive after excellence in every field.
  • To become mature, spiritually aware men and women of character.
  • To value and judiciously use their freedom, combining with it a full sense of responsibility for actions.
  • To be clear and firm on principles and courageous in action.
  • To be clear and firm on principles and courageous in action.
  • To be unselfish in the service of their fellowmen and concerned for the welfare of the poor and socially oppressed.
  • To become agents of needed social change in their own situations.

Peter Parapullil
Bishop of Jhansi

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