• N.C.C. CACT Camp
    Venue: UP 56 Battalion
    Event Date: 14-Sep-2017

    From 14 September to 23 September 2017, an NCC camp was held at UP 56 Battalion. In which 58 cadets of our college participated.  This experience of camp was truly remarkable. Each and every cadet learnt a lot and enhanced their skills. There were special classes of weapon training, map reading. Firing competition was also held, where all the cadets learnt to fire with 0.22 inch rifle and some cadets of our college emerged victorious. Each day a special lecture was held on important topics such as – civil defense, health, hygiene and nutrition, fire fighting classes etc. One cadet was chosen as CHM of Charlie Company, many cadets won medals in firing competition, and our performance was well appreciated. We thank our Principal Rev. Fr. Richard for giving us this opportunity to attend this life changing camp.


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